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Phaedra Glass, established by Phaedra Politis is based just outside of BOA. A design and manufacture business specialising in kiln fired glass architecture, gifts and art, Phaedra glass offers both contemporary and classical styles which have varying degrees of exciting vibrant colours to subtle tones, tactile textures and unique designs that will help make your home or workplace feel truly special.


"My initial interest in glass was born after having visited the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Been completely blown away by the glass panels made by Tiffany, I became determined to work in the creative world of glass."


Noelle & Phaedra create an extensive range of products - from architectural bespoke installations and dinnerware, to individual glass gifts such as coasters, dishes, bowls, tiles, and vases. Recently there has been a surge in the creation of butterfly wings, panels and sculptures.