I was born and bred in Liverpool into a large happy family of six sisters and one brother. My very first experience of creating with textiles was when I was two years old  Imanaged to sew buttons round the kitchen tablecloth. I went to Bellerive Convent Grammar School where I was able to learn and further develop my creative skills with textiles. I also learnt a lot from my mother and older sisters managing the treadle sewing machine from about six years old. After leaving school I pursued a career in nursing, successfully becoming a State Registered Nurse, a Registered Children's Nurse and a District nurse. I married Phil in 1969, in 1973 we had our first baby a daughter, in 1977 our family was completed with the arrival of our son. Throughout all this time my interest in textiles continued making children's clothes and toys, and learning the art of crochet. We moved to Bradford on Avon in 2006 to join our daughter, son in law and grandson  who lived in Winsley, and our son, daughter in law and grandson who lived in Bristol.

We had been living in Bradford for a few years when I was informed of a shop in Lamb Yard called "Made in Bradford on Avon" where artists submitted their work for sale to the public. I was very interested to learn more about it. Nervously I went along to the shop where I was given all the necessary information to become a member. I prepared a box of various hand made projects for inspection.......and Marie Leonie Creations was born. I have enjoyed growing with the shop as it has developed from the basic shop it was, to what it is today a beautiful gallery of work of many very talented artists.